Our tastes are fickle and ever-evolving, and nobody knows this better than Pinterest. It's the catalog for the internet's fashion whims, DIY inspirations, and home decor aspirations, after all. And with 2015 wrapping up, Christian Louboutin Outlet Pinterest has the lowdown on what trends were the most popular this year.

Turns out, our pinning desires are extremely varied, within the U.S. as well as from country to country. Americans were all about http://www.twitter.com/ vegan recipes and Alice in Wonderland this year, for example. Small and delicate tattoos were popular across the boards. And German pinners had some seriously unique Pinterest tastes: Their most popular searches were for sewing patterns, sloths, and racing bikes. (Those three could be combined for some truly epic crafting u2014 a hand-sewn, sloth-shaped holster for bike racers, perhaps?)

For a look at the biggest Pinterest search trends Christian Louboutin Shoes this year, read on. Some of them are definitely unexpected.